Phill Johnson, Game Level Designer in Dallas, TX


Professional Experience: 4 Years in Technical Art, Design & Instruction
Engines: Unity3D, Unreal Engine, id Tech 4, Flash
Software: Photoshop, Maya, 3DSMax, Modo, ZBrush, CrazyBump, Flash
Programming: JavaScript, Python, Objective-C, ActionScript 3.0

Current Work

particle emitters


Individual Work - Environments

Pirate Competition

World of Level Design held a competition to design a pirate-themed level using a limited asset palette created by Warren Marshall (WarrenM). Work began on this project July 1, and will continue through July 25. I tied for third place!


Project Page with video and hi-res images


My WIP thread on World of Level Design

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Results Page

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Forum Listing of All Entries

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Magic Shoppe

The Magic Shoppe was part of my master's thesis. As solo project over one semester the documentation and the visualization of the main shoppe area were created.


The Magic Shoppe Level Design Doc PDF


Download the Magic Shoppe (212 MB, Windows)

Standalone UDK installer.


Note: The installer includes only the realization of he shoppe itself, and is an ongoing project.


The goal behind Skyport was to create a CTF space with two approaches — a tight, dangerous straight shot, and a safer, team-oriented path.


This was a solo project, I also created all the textures and models for the environment.


The outdoor area is a long trench peppered with cover. The interior is riddled with pipes the players can hide behind, and function like see-through walls.


Also, I created all the textures and models for the environment.

UT3 - Download for PC - 29.8MiB
UT3 - Download for PS3 - 15.5MiB



Team Projects

These are examples of projects that I worked as level designer, or provided creative direction for.


I have worked on an award-winning cultural training simulator for the US Military, and have released a small indie game titled Blossom.


Feel free to download Blossom (272 MB, Windows).


State was a project done for the Game Production Lab at UT Dallas. I served as level designer and asset artist for the game. It was designed as an asynchronous strategy game where each player runs to their home base in the fewest number of moves. Players drop traps against each other to slow them down, so the player who lays the best traps and gets to base fastest wins.


A much larger project, Blossom is a complete game experience spanning three puzzle-solving levels. I served as a level designer and also provided creative direction to the team. It's an idea that the team had held on to for a long time, and we're happy to have had the chance to finally make it!

My work specifically on the Sewers level included modeling, texturing, lighting, and design & scripting.

Please check the credits page to see who else worked on the project! 

Download Blossom (272 MB, Windows)


The First Person Cultural Trainer (FPCT) is an ongoing project at UT Dallas, through TRADOC/G2. I worked for three years with the team as a level designer. There, I was responsible for designing environment, creating structural meshes like buildings and huts, and set dressing.


Press Releases on awards and news:


ATEC Wins Multiple Honors for Training Games



Game Trains Soldiers in a Virtual Iraq or Afghanistan



Please check the credits page to see who else worked on the project! 


Projects that were done on grants, or for pay, are the intellectual property of the respective client or institution. See the credits page for more information.