Phill Johnson
Senior Game Designer

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VR Game Design, Level Design, Systems Design, Content Design, Narrative Design, Unity 5, Unreal 4, C#, Swift, Python, Modo, Maya, 3DS Max, Adobe Creative Suite

Currently In the Pipe

Two unnanounced titles, coming soon.

Lucky's Tale

Lucky's Tale, 2016. Playful Corp.

Launch title for the Oculus Rift. Principal level designer, whiteboxed and scripted all levels, and worked closely with the artists and engineers to maintain design vision. Designed many enemy types, created encounters and scripted puzzles for every level. Additionally, created many graphic shaders for the game including the gold coins, character materials, water surfaces, and some lighting effects.

Personal Projects


World of Level Design held a competition to design a pirate-themed level using a limited asset palette created by Warren Marshall (WarrenM).


A death match map built in the UDK, as a side project I'm working on a V2 of it for the new Unreal Tournament using UE4.

Magic Shoppe

More an environment showcase than a proper level, built with a focus on working with a ZBrush pipeline.

Projects that were done on grants, or for pay, are the intellectual property of the respective client or institution.