Phill Johnson
Senior Game Designer

VR Game Design, Level Design, Systems Design, Content Design, Narrative Design, Unity 3D, Unreal 4, C#, Swift, Python, Modo, Maya, 3DS Max, Adobe Creative Suite

Stranger Things: The Game

Season Lead Gameplay Designer on Telltale's Stranger Things game. Unfortunately, all images, designs, and work for this is currently locked behind NDA.
  • Designing gameplay systems, working closely with engineering and art teams to tackle challenges.
  • Mentoring other team members in Unity, workflow, and gameplay design.
  • Designing levels from topdown to whitebox, implementation of scripts.
  • Facilitating transition from Telltale Tool to Unity.

Stranger Things: The Game

Stranger Things: The Game, 2017. Bonus XP & Netflix

BAFTA 2018 nomination for mobile game.

Winner of the Global Mobile Award for Best Content and Media Innovation in 2018.

Mobile game for Android and iOS based on Netflix's Stranger Things. Content design and implementation. Collaborated with whole team to design and implement features, character powers, design dungeons and world spaces. Implemented shops, balanced the in-game economy, and developed secret areas. Implemented quests through XML data, and build the world using JSON files.

Lucky's Tale

Lucky's Tale, 2016. Playful Corp.

Launch title for the Oculus Rift. Principal level designer, whiteboxed and scripted all levels, and worked closely with the artists and engineers to maintain design vision. Designed many enemy types, created encounters and scripted puzzles for every level. Additionally, created many graphic shaders for the game including the gold coins, character materials, water surfaces, and some lighting effects.


Cavemania, Bonus XP

Turn-based Strategy and Match-3 hybrid. Contract level design, tools development. Worked on a sports-themed chapter for the game, as well as wrote a level editor in C#. Tweaked loot tables in XML and balanced levels for difficulty.

Projects that were done on grants, or for pay, are the intellectual property of the respective client or institution.